Plant and Animal Names - Coastal Animals

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Click on the first sound file in the right hand column of the table hear all of the Nyungar words, one after the other.

Blue Crane / White-faced Heron / Grey Heron

click to play sound Bulland


click to play sound Bullung, bootallung, Neer-im-ba

Brushtail Possum

click to play sound Coomarl

Willy Wagtail, Chitty Chitty

click to play sound Djidi-djidi


click to play sound Dwert

Burrowing Frog

click to play sound Gooya


click to play sound Gwaga

Goanna, overland trout or bungarra (in other Aboriginal languages)

click to play sound Karda

Shag / Pied Cormorant

click to play sound Kardagurt, wow-wow, mee-dee


click to play sound Kulbardi