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Plant and Animal Names Coastal Plants

Coastal AnimalsCoastal PlantsMarine Animals and Plants

Click on the picture or name for more information on each item.

Most of the information on these plants was sourced from: Bush Tucker Plants of the South West, Daw, B., Walley, T. & Keighery, G.  

Click on the first sound file in the right hand column of the table hear all of the Nyungar words, one after the other.

Bain Pigface

bain bain (34 KB)

Balga Blackboy

balga balga (34 KB)

Born or mardja Bloodroots

born born (34 KB)

Djubak Orchids

djubak djubak (34 KB)

Djuk; also weelarra, waang Sandalwood

djuk djuk (34 KB)

Jeeriji Zamia

jeeriji jeeriji (34 KB)

Kara Milkmaids

kara kara (34 KB)

Kerbein Coastal Sword Sedge

kerbein kerbein (34 KB)

Moodjar Christmas Tree

moodjar moodjar (34 KB)

Hear a story from Len Collard about his totem Moodjar here.
Nyilla-nyilla Mistletoe

nyila-nyila nyila-nyila (34 KB)

Poolgarla Bull Banksia

poolgarla poolgarla (34 KB)

Pudjak Parrotbush

pudjak pudjak (34 KB)

Quondong Native Peach

quondong quondong (34 KB)

Taaruuk Old Man’s Beard

taaruuk taaruuk (34 KB)

Yangeti Bulrushes

yangeti yangeti (34 KB)

Yowarl Swamp Paperbark