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Features of Derbal Nara

The named features of the coastal environment are key to understanding the cultural landscape in which Nyungar live.

Click on the picture or name for more information on each item.

Click on the first sound file in the right hand column of the table hear all of the Nyungar words, one after the other.

Boodjar land

boodjar boodjar (34 KB)

Boodjar-gordo an island

boodjar-gordo boodjar-gordo (34 KB)

Boorda valley

boorda boorda (34 KB)

Booyee rock

booyee booyee (34 KB)

Dalagooroo the sound of the wind blowing

dalagooroo dalagooroo (34 KB)

Dogee rain

dogee dogee (34 KB)

Gabee-wodin or wardan the sea or the main ocean

gabee-wodin gabee-wodin (34 KB)

Gooiara sand

gooiara gooiara (34 KB)

Katta hill

katta katta (34 KB)

Maaman mar Sea breeze

maaman mar maaman mar (34 KB)

Maar-book the firmament - also used to denote air

maar-book maar-book (63 KB)

Meeka-derbaga the moon is set

meeka-derbaga meeka-derbaga (63 KB)

Nanga-banya a hot or sweating sun

nanga-banya nanga-banya (63 KB)

Nanga-ngnardog the sun is set

nanga-nardog nanga-nardog (63 KB)

Nangar the stars

nangar nangar (34 KB)

Walgen rainbow

walgen walgen (34 KB)

Wardan gaba boodjera Sea side

wardan gaba boodjera wardan gaba boodjera (63 KB)

Yorga mar Easterly land breeze

yorga mar yorga mar (34 KB)


1Lyon, R. M. ‘A Glance at the Manners, and Language of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Western Australia; With a Short Vocabulary’, Perth Gazette and Western Australian Journal, 20 April 1833, 63-64.