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English name: Rottnest Island

Comments: Place of the emu. ‘There’s a lot of significant points and I wish the state government would allow us to register that island. There’s men’s ceremonial sites, there’s still places of courtship, still places for access of artefacts, bush medicine plants… Rottnest Island looked completely different prior to settlement than what it does now. It was heavily treed, whereas now it’s having to have revegetation projects to put the plants back there that were taken. But it looked very different and then to what it does now.’[2] Wadjemup [1]

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wadjemup wadjemup (34 KB)

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Angela Rooney

Lat and Long
31°59'34.75"S 115°31'52.73"E

[1] Lyon. “A Glance at the Manners, and Language of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of Western Australia”, Perth Gazette, 20 April 1833, 63-64.
[2] Karen Jacobs, unpublished oral Interview. Held by Laura Stocker, Curtin University and Len Collard, UWA.