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English name: Area around Banganup Lake

Comments: Toodjabubup [1] [2] Place of mist.[1] In colder weather this place attracts mist. ‘Banga’ can refer to broken or ‘in half’. In the hot months the lake breaks up.[3]

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toodjabubup toodjabubup (63 KB)

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Laura Stocker

Photo Laura Stocker

Lat and Long
32° 9'56.75"S 115°49'35.30"E

[1] Collard, L. & Bracknell, C. Beeliar Boodjar: An Introduction to Aboriginal History in the City of Cockburn, Western Australia. Australian Aboriginal Studies 2012 (1): 86-91.
[2] http://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/documents/CommunityServices/BeeliarBoodjar_WEB2011.pdf
[3] Nyungar Boodjera Wangkiny: the people's land is speaking: Nyungar place nomenclature of the southwest of Western Australia.